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Aerial Conditioning

Gather, Engage, Dangle, Release and Suspend!

In this class you will use a low-flying, soft fabric sling to support your body as you explore yoga postures and Pilates’ principles on the floor, in the air and the spaces in between. This conditioning class will strengthen your core and upper body also you will learn how to cultivate balance to find your full range of movement with guided support.

Emphasis is placed on awareness of breath, dynamic alignment and efficiency as a source of power. Embrace gravity while defying it simultaneously!

(Please wear socks with grip)

Class requirements are non-negotiable and are for your safety and comfort.

*Please, no jewelry is allowed (this means, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings etc.)

*No clothing with zippers, pokey grommets, or anything metal. We recommend clothing that provides coverage of the entire torso (including armpits, and backs of knees).

Come fly with us using your new LAB5 wings!

Space is limited to 9 LAB5 community members.

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Cardio Kickboxing

Want to release some stress? Lose some inches? Tone your arms, hips, waist and glutes? If you do, this is the class for you. This cardio kickboxing class combines dance, kickboxing and kung fu. Imagine J-Lo meets Jackie Chan. This class is similar to Tae Bo, yet provides a much groovier, higher impact fitness program. Learn various kicks, strikes and combinations while burning over 500 calories! *Shoes (that are dry) are highly recommended*

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Strength & Conditioning

In this class, designed for average to the advanced, we emphasize a whole fitness that includes progressive real strength training, with added focus on the varied conditioning we need for sport and for everyday life. Since life is 3 dimensional (you are more likely to need to lift a box from the ground, turn and place it on a shelf overhead than you are going to to need to do standing bicep curls), the workout will focus on using your legs, hips, back and abdomen, through rotational movements of varying intensities. Your body will learn to brace an unbalanced weight or explosively transfer that weight from one side of the body to the other. There will be lifting, jumping, throwing, and twisting, some heavy, some fast. Whether you want to call it bootcamp or conditioning, this workout moves at a high intensity and is always changing, just as the way life (or the ball) comes at you. Don’t worry, you will get your cardio, your muscle tone and your 6-pack. But it will come with real world strength.

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