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Founders’ Corner | Exciting New Classes & Teachers!




We have recently added some new exciting classes with great new instructors. We continue to look for ways to add classes that add to your experience here at LAB5 and help you get the results you are looking to receive. We have an amazing group of talented instructors and staff to help you!


Please share with us any comments or suggestions you may have that could improve your experience at LAB5. We greatly appreciate your business and support! Thank you!


Alan and Bonnie Cashman | Co-Founders, LAB5 Fitness





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LAB5 Notes | Are You In The Platinum Club Yet?


LAB5 over machine (white)


The purpose of the Platinum Club is to encourage, promote and reward those members who attend regular workouts at LAB5 by providing a quarterly event upon our community spirit and enhancing our relationship with our members.
Members with 500+ visits for all time, 60+ visits per quarter, or 20+ visits in the last month of the quarter are eligible for the Platinum Club.

There’s still time! Keep getting your booty to class!

You’re on track for 20+ visits in June:

Emily G. 16
Isabel A. 14
Jim M. 12
Kelsey F. 13
Liz H. 13
Nathan B. 13
Sarah G. 12
Sara S. 14
Shannon E. 14

You’re In!

20+ Visits in June!

Camilla D. 23
Paulina D. 25


60+ Visits Spring Quarter!

Ken O. 65
Matthew W. 69
Olga S. 62
Rose A. 65
Tim M. 66


500+ All-Time Visits!

Alan B. 564
Ben H. 565
Bethany P. 1,752
Donna S. 661
Emily H. 1,010
Fonda C. 848
Haleigh G. 527
Joshua B. 541
Julie J. 731
Julie R. 518
Katherine L. 863
Kathy A. 1,086
Kelly K. 509
Ken K. 557
KJ G. 865
Liat B. 716
Mary D. 616
Mary F. 607
Mayann A. 951
Mitzi R. 545
Pauline R. 1,319
Sandy W. 527
Shafeena C. 940
Teresa H. 619
Teresa W. 526
Vince P. 755





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Community Corner | David Anderson




Date you signed-up with LAB5: May 23rd.


Occupation: Writer. I’m working on a novel. Also, this summer I’ll be launching a website of my work. It’s called


Favorite Movie: Cinema Paradiso. It’s a great Italian film accompanied by a soundtrack by Ennio Morricone. It is long, but well worth the investment of time.


Hobbies: Woodworking, photography, and outdoor activities including hiking and kayaking.


Neighborhood: Madison Park, a.k.a Mayberry.


Kids/Pets: Blue Beta named JD Salinger.


Comments: I’m glad to have found LAB5. I was looking for something different that emphasized total body, flexibility, etc. The classes and instructors are a breath of fresh air.





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