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Community Corner | Deepa Liegel




Date you signed-up with LAB5:
June 29th, 2015


Occupation: Student


Favorite Move: Anything on a TRX strap 😊


Hobbies: Dancing, reading, hanging out with friends & hiking.


Neighborhood: Capitol Hill


Kids/Pets: 1 dog, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Jordie.


Comments: As a dancer, LAB5 is the perfect place to cross-train and strengthen all the muscles I don’t usually use. I also love the friendly and supportive environment provided by the teachers, other members and staff!





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Founders’ Corner | 12 Habits of Genuine People



We have met so many great people as a result of LAB5 over the last five years that we found this article recently and wanted to share with you! We concur with many of the points in the article: 12 Habits Of Genuine People!


Cheers to all the genuine people who are such great members at LAB5!


Alan and Bonnie Cashman | Co-Founders, LAB5 Fitness





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LAB5 Notes | Check Out Who Qualified for the Platinum Club!


LAB5 over machine (white)


The purpose of the Platinum Club is to encourage, promote and reward those members who attend regular workouts at LAB5 by providing a quarterly event upon our community spirit and enhancing our relationship with our members.
Members with 500+ visits for all time, 60+ visits per quarter, or 20+ visits in the last month of the quarter are eligible for the Platinum Club.


The following members are invited to the July 17th Platinum Club Party!

You’re In!

20+ Visits in June!

Camilla D. (24)
Emily G. (20)
Sara S. (22)
Paulina D. (25)


60+ Visits Spring Quarter!

Ken O. (65)
Matthew W. (73)
Olga S. (65)
Rose A. (71)
Tim M. (69)


500+ All-Time Visits!

Alan B. (566)
Ben H. (568)
Donna S. (661)
Emily H. (1,018)
Fonda C. (852)
Haliegh G. (527)
Jim Nicka (503)
Joshua B. (542)
Julie J. (737)
Julie R. (520)
Katherine L. (867)
kathy a. (1,088)
Kelly K. (509)
Ken K. (560)
KJ G. (867)
Liat B. (716)
Mary D. (617)
Mary F. (607) Mayann A. (955)
Michelle B. (580)
Mitzi R. (551)
Pauline R. (1,322)
Sandy w. (527)
Shafeena C. (943)
Ted C. (518)
Teresa H. (623)
Teresa W. (530)
Vince P. (757)

Annual VIP Members

Bethany P.
Brian G.
Sid A.





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