Lovely Leslie & LAB5:

“I already feel like I’m part of the community… integrated. I’ve been to a lot of different places, and I found that immediately when I came in here Steven was completely open and available to answer any questions. He was so warm, and it immediately made a huge impression on me. The space is so open, and everybody that I’ve met here has been amazing — they know my name — it’s like I’ve been here forever. I feel inspired to come work out!”

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Tish & LAB5:

“About 6 months ago I was losing mobility in my left arm and I was in a lot of pain. It turns out that I had a C6/C7 herniated disk. We were thinking this would be a great, awesome gym to go to because it’s close but then I read Bonnie’s story and that was why we came. Between the movements we do here in class work really well. Since then my posture has definitely gotten better and the pain is gone and I’m slowly getting mobility in my left arm. It’s been fun to get flexible and strong again.”

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Ms. Susie Naye, why do you like LAB5?

“I’ve found that Yoga stretches you, it strengthens you and it also allows you time for meditation. I’ve done classes over the years, but the Yoga that I do here is the best I’ve taken. I love the Yoga classes here.”

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What Margaret Loves about LAB5:

“I wanted to start Pilates, and this offered a really great deal for students. It seemed like a really fun atmosphere, so I came, and I loved my first class. It’s really welcoming, and everyone is super friendly, and everyone knows each other’s names. I really like that intimate setting.”

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Marilyn’s LAB5 Story:

“It’s been six weeks now. I was looking for something different, and this was perfect timing. The thing I really enjoy is mixing it up… I like doing something different everyday. I try to do Pilates 2-3 times a week, TRX 2 times a week, and Barre 2 times a week. So I really love the mix… I found that each class works different muscles… some work the fine muscles. But I feel that they all build on each other.”

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How Molly found LAB5:

“I wanted a place to get back in shape. So I came in and now I take a class just about every single day. I’m motivated by the teachers and the classes. Even though the classes are hard work, I never feel stressed! I know that I’m getting in shape because I can feel my stomach muscles now. I just feel like I’m a lot more put together… more fit together.”

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Tawni’s LAB5 Experience:

“I enjoy Yoga, & Pilates… Barre too, all different types of exercise. I just find that’s the best way to really get your body the way that you want it. I was working out at different studios–which obviously adds up… plus driving around the city. LAB5 has really worked for me, because everything is here.”

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Liat’s LAB5 experience:

“At last a gym where a selection of fun classes are available exactly when you need them in a beautiful, modern, and clean setting, with motivating teachers and a wonderful mixture of students. I am loving every moment I spend at LAB5 fitness. I never thought I would feel so enthusiastically about a gym but this place has got me hooked! I am thoroughly enjoying getting back into shape and working on my body strength. I am definitely feeling and seeing the results. Thank you to all the staff and owners who are so passionate and sincere about their work.”

What Francesca thinks of LAB5:

“My name is Francesca and I have been coming to LAB5 for 5 weeks now; and have experienced the Pilates, TRX, Barre and Yoga classes. I am absolutely hooked on LAB5, given the results I am already seeing. I am stronger, I have increased my lean body mass, and my posture has improved. In addition, the entire LAB5 team provides not only a world class instructor experience, but also a joyful and passionate community of individuals inspired by helping contribute to comprehensive wellness, and to enriching the lives of everyone who experiences LAB5.  Women, men, all ages and sizes, are coming to the club and everyone is welcome, and honored with genuine interest and support. I now have two friends who have joined me at LAB5 and am spreading the word to all of my friends and colleagues. This is a special place; thank you LAB5 for bringing this gift to Seattle!”

Learn what Molly loves about LAB5:

“I love a lot of things, and LAB5 is one of them! Everybody is so supportive here. All the teachers and other students, the whole community just seems to want every other person next to them in class to succeed. It’s really nice to feel like the people who run a place really care about those who benefit from the services, and that is just what it seems like at LAB5. Unlike other fitness-type exercise (mostly dance) classes I have taken, there isn’t a sense of ruthless competition with the other people taking the class. Though the atmosphere is not necessarily relaxed (it’s actually focused and intense), I never feel stressed out when exposed to the other students.

The classes. Usually at any sort of place that offers a variety of classes, even if it’s a really good, acclaimed place, there’s one or two classes or even an instructor that falls short of the commendation of “excellent”. Or so I hear, because that is NOT so at LAB5! I have taken all of the classes (I think) and I swear I just want to take every class, every day, with every teacher. You can’t go wrong. The teachers are all quite helpful and know what to alter to make the exercise work for you rather than against you. The teachers all offer optimistic encouragement that makes it all so much easier. I love all of it.

And then there’s the whole getting better at feats of physicality aspect. After just three weeks, I’m pretty sure I can do a pushup now. That may not seem impressive to some, but it’s miraculous for my jellyfish upper body. I wasn’t even aware that I had those muscles anymore. Apparently they lay dormant for years and are being slowly reawakened by the dragon breath of the likes of TRX, Brutal Barre, and Power Pilates. The other people who I see coming here regularly have all of these pretty muscles happening all over the place, and I suspect it may have something to do with this lovely LAB. Aside from being pretty, people get stunningly strong. I’m pretty sure there are at least five or six students here who were anointed with the ability to leap tall buildings with a single-leg squat. Superfolk abound.

That is a little taste of why I wish I could take three classes a day instead of one.”

Marilyn shares her LAB5 story:

“I’ve been going to LAB5Fitness for 3 weeks, and I am already stronger in my core which was my goal. I have even lost a few pounds and am much more toned in my abs, legs and arms. TRX and Power Pilates really are making a difference, and I love the Desert Yoga on Saturday to help me relax and stay limber. I can’t wait to see the progress in another 3 weeks. I’m hooked as this is the best fitness club I’ve ever belonged to.”

Kelly & LAB5:

“So far, I’m thrilled with my experience there. Pilates, the machines, TRX, and working with the barre are all new to me, but the introduction to them couldn’t have come at a better time. My back and hips have been sore and achy for awhile, and I knew that I needed to strengthen my core to alleviate some of this. The focus on strength training, and core work in particular, at Lab5 are great, and I feel I am already stronger after just a few weeks. It is a great compliment to the cardio stuff I like to do, and I am enjoying the different ways of working out. In fact, I just signed up for 6 more months!”

Shannon recommends LAB5:

“I have been spent most of my younger years training for something. In high school it was volleyball, rowing and Grand Prix horse jumping. Then in college I picked rowing and went on to win 4 Pac-10 Championships and 2 NCAA Division I National Championships in 2001 and 2002. I have always been a competitive athlete and still to this day my mind and body view every workout opportunity as a challenge. Put as I got older I realized that I didn’t have to treat every workout as if it was my last. These have been tough years figuring out what works best for body. Resulting in years of battling the bulge but nothing was working that I could maintain in the real working world. I had personal trainers at the Big gyms, private boot camps, weight training and even trying it alone with the knowledge I had learned growing up. But things just weren’t working for me. I would lose the weight but then I would get injured or I would go and go get no results Lab5 has changed that for me. It is the first time where I can go workout for one intense hour everyday and still get up in the morning with energy and joy. The variety offered here is awesome: I go to TRX to kick some “tail”, I go to yoga to open my heart up, I go to barre for balance and I go Pilates to put all those elements in one. The people, the place, the workouts it’s all in one package. Go try it you won’t regret it! I know I haven’t.”

Ursula & LAB5:

“The whole world should know. Cassandra Mitchell is a goddess yoga instructor!!!! Her subtle adjustments improve your form – and you feel loved at the same time.”

Matt & LAB5:

“Lab5 Fitness is an ULTRA HIP new Pilates and fitness studio on Capitol Hill. Their space is beautiful and the staff is fun and experienced.”

V.G & LAB5:

“Found out about Lab5Fitness’s opening through a Popsugar deal. My first class was great! First time on a reformer – during a Purist Pilates class. The small group (we were 3) was one huge benefit to being a first timer. The instructor explained about the reformer and was great at correcting form where needed and being clear with her instructions. Great workout too! Everyone can perform at their own fitness level. It worked muscles that I otherwise hardly ever feel. It requires some concentration, which is great…since it occupies your mind and makes the exercises relaxing. Time went by so fast! I will certainly be back.”

Sarah shares her LAB5 story:

“Lab5Fitness is my first introduction to pilates on a reformer, barre, and TRX and it took me all of about one class to be completely hooked! Your thighs, abs, and bum are going to be sore after your first couple classes but it’s worth it. Not to mention, it works! I saw results faster than any other workouts I’ve tried (even a personal trainer). The studio is beautiful and clean, the owners/instructors/staff are ALWAYS super friendly, and the classes are physically challenging and genuinely fun.”

Valentina loves LAB5:

“I’m feeling slightly academic today. Even though this is all about body training, my mind has gotten some great benefits out of the fantastic workouts I’ve done here. Please, sit down and enjoy the list!

Número Uno: LAB5Fitness is a beautiful space. A nice, clean, minimal and sleek (but not pretentious) place is perfection when it comes to working out. It’s obvious it was carefully designed to help people get into a perfect workout groove.

I also want to give LAB5 a kind shout out for helping on making that corner of Broadway a more walkable and enjoyable one. It’s very nice to see that area coming to life.

Número Dos: Trainers were patient, warm and very kind to this newbie. It wasn’t a “gotta keep up with the super athletes” experience. It is a learning process involving being kind to your body as you’re getting your butt kicked with the workouts.

Número Tres: I don’t have enough words to describe how fantastic is to hang from the ceiling using the TRX bands. While you feel like flying, you’re rediscovering your body, inch by inch. It was a pretty unique experience I’m looking forward to revisit.

Número Cuatro. The Reformer is a very interesting piece of equipment. It’s feels like a computer for the body. You are tested, you are challenged and you also have fun. My favorite part of the session was “jumping” on it while on my back, looking up to a relaxing and intensely blue sky, there for you to see through a set of skylights. My feelings drifted from exhilaration to happiness, and finally parked on bliss.

Conclusión: This is working out like you haven’t experienced before. You’ll need to drink a lot of water and have some fish oil, because that trip throughout your body will awaken it in ways you haven’t feel before. Two days after my first workout, I felt slightly sore (the good kind) but my body was also stronger and performing like a champion.

I coming back for more.”

Kathy is hooked on LAB5:

“I had been searching high and low in the Capitol Hill area for a gym that could match my fitness goals and my busy schedule. For many years I had wanted to try Pilates, but could never find a studio that could suit my needs, not to mention my budget. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity when Lab5 fitness recently opened in my neighborhood. I am much more than satisfied – I am completely hooked! All of the Lab5 classes have been challenging and quite addictive, and have provided amazing results, not to mention they have the added benefit of little risk for injury. Local owners, Alan and Bonnie, have been amazing. They are right there beside you taking the classes, and have been incredibly warm and supportive. In the studio, there is no intimidation, and no scheduling stress over having to sign up for a specific series of classes. I truly believe their program, particularly Pilates, has changed me for the better. Thank you Lab5!!!”

JJ & LAB5:

“My hip and knee have been bothering me for quite some time and I wanted to take classes at Lab5 Fitness for the benefits that pilates, yoga, and TRX classes could provide. I felt so stiff in my joints and I could barely touch my toes! I’m so impressed with the structure of the Lab5 classes. The classes are designed to workout my entire body in the least amount of time. With all the different classes to choose from, I can take a different one everyday, depending on what I feel like doing. Best part of all…my jeans fit better!”

Clayton shares his LAB5 experience:

“Before I started working out at Lab5 Fitness, I had a problem with being motivated to work out. I started taking classes and felt amazing. I’m excited to go to Lab5 because of the innovative classes, the helpful staff, and their positive attitude. I live in Queen Anne and go out of my way to workout at Lab5! I was most impressed with the equipment and unique usage of it. But I have to say, the people that work there are the main reason I like to come back. I rant and rave about what muscle I feel being used during each class. It’s very foreign to my body and I love that feeling! After taking only 5 classes, I already feel stronger, thus my dedication to continue going to class. I’ve always been looking for that perfect workout routine that would fit my lifestyle, but nothing compares to what Lab5 has done for me in the short time I’ve been a member. Lab5 definitely fits my lifestyle!”

Suzette is thrilled with LAB5:

“I was thrilled when LAB5 Fitness opened up in such a convenient location for me. I was looking to find a workout studio that was affordable, clean, and professional, and the studio meets all these criteria, and MORE. There is a distinct personal touch, a welcoming feeling when I get there, and this makes the rigorous workouts such a pleasure to look forward to. In the past, I have been troubled with arthritis in my shoulders and hands, and the professional staff is super sensitive to these issues. The classes are challenging for me, but I NEVER feel I might hurt myself. Although I’m in my sixties, I’m still an extremely active person and want to remain so as I age. By joining LAB5Fitness, I feel I’m doing only good things for my body, which will help me attain this goal.”

Jeff & LAB5:

“Working with Cassandra has been a complete joy. Her classes are always challenging while compassionate and great for all levels with a balance between work and fun. Her ability to lead always challenges me to find my edge and move beyond. I am always amazed at how I can simultaneously be so exhausted but so relaxed following her class. She always shows patience and passion, and is such a great facet to my practice.”

Shelley & LAB5:

“My husband and I went to the LAB5 Fitness launch event where we were introduced to the 5 elements that will kick your behind into serious shape! Needless to say I signed up.”