Intro 5 Session Sampler

LAB5 Fitness: Progress for every fitness level and ability.

Combining 5 of the hottest and most holistic ways to exercise — plus an added element of Community makes LAB5 the place to become healthier, both physically and mentally.

Whatever your current fitness conditioning program, you will find the LAB5 method provides a distinct workout with variation and intensity all in one place. See and feel results faster and have fun while you’re working out.

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5 Session Sampler at LAB5 for $75!

“I’ve never done Pilates before and have no clue what TRX or BARRE is.” No problem. Choose a class, sign up for it, and BAM! You’ll find out what everyone is talking about. Our experienced instructors are trained to provide a full-body workout on our one-of-a-kind, state of the art Pilates Reformers. We will teach you how to maximize your core strength to support your body during your small group experience.

Ladies, let’s be frank, everything is more fun with a friend—so call your closest girlfriends and make an event of it.

Gentlemen, this isn’t your typical Pilates studio—your body will be tested, and your strength will increase. Honestly, you’ll look better naked.

What class should I take first?

Answer: It depends on what you’re looking for…

Want to gain core strength, flexibility, mind/body connection?

Recommended classes: Power Pilates, Purist Pilates, Purist Ballet, Yoga

Looking for gentle exercises for injuries or after surgery?

Recommended classes: TLC Pilates, Purist Pilates, Yoga

Bring it on and feel the burn:

Recommended classes: TRX, Power Pilates, Brutal Barre

Now that you know, go ahead and give us a call!

Call us at (206) 325-0662.

May I sign up online?

Absolutely, we like to make being fit as convenient as possible.

Online Directions:

1. Click here to get started.

2. Choose “Classes” from first drop down box.

3. Select “.Intro: 5 session sampler”, then click “Check Out”.

4. Create an account, then select your first class by visiting the “Classes” tab.

Or, give us a call–we’d be more than happy to sign you up!

We’ll ask you a few questions and do a quick fitness diagnostic, then if you’d like we’ll show you how to choose the right programs for your current fitness level that will enable you to make rapid progress toward your goals.

Why would we give you such a good introductory deal?

Because we know you can’t evaluate the expertise of our staff or get a sense of how much you’ll like our new facility and state of the art equipment without stopping by. And once you do, you’ll be as excited about our unique fitness program as we are.

Things to know for your first visit:

Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out our questionnaire/liability form.

Classes are 50 minutes in length.

For additional questions, concerns or comments, email or call us: or

Call us at (206) 325-0662.