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Why LAB5?

As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we’d worked out at typical gyms over the years only to find the same thing over and over. At most gyms, the focus is on machines, not people. And the training typically is just about your body and assumes you don’t even have a mind.

Of course you know that for any training to be effective, it needs to be structured around how you move, or should move, and that to get positive results you need to train both your body and your mind.

We know too many fitness enthusiasts who after signing up at a typical gym find themselves bored with the repetitive training and their enthusiasm waning or, worse yet, injuring themselves.

That’s why we created the LAB5 Fitness concept; to make fitness ‘easy’, fun and safe for people of all ages and athletic ambitions.

At LAB5 Fitness you don’t just sign up and jump into any old class. We meet with you and create a personalized fitness plan to address any long-standing issues and develop the conditioning you need to avoid future injury and, most importantly, help you make quick progress toward your goals.

When you sign up, you get more than just a fitness plan. You’re joining a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts where you’ll make friends, giving you even more reasons to workout regularly.

Come in and look around — you’ll see that much of what you’d find in ‘old school’ gyms is missing. Instead you’ll see our custom equipment designed for functional fitness and our 5 core activities which, when combined in our unique system, will help you reach your fitness goals faster and have more fun.

Don’t be shocked when you discover how quickly your endurance, coordination, strength and fitness improves! As we’ve mentioned before, we’re not your typical gym — we’re light years ahead in our approach and in the results we produce.

The LAB5 Method is a tested program that addresses all aspects of fitness, providing flexibility, cardio endurance, core strength, balance and toning to give you a complete workout in the least amount of time.

As anyone who has ever been in the kitchen knows, you need two things to create tasty treats; the right ingredients and a proven recipe.

At LAB5Fitness, after years of research and testing, we’ve put together the key 5 exercise modalities and a proven recipe for integrating them to give you the results you want, fast.

Why LAB5 again?

The combination of the LAB5 Elements results in renewed strength for your everyday activities. Using Pilates, TRX suspension exercise, Barre movement, Yoga and Aerial Conditioning together, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel better, look better and get compliments from your friends — whether it’s on how you look or how you did in the mini-triathlon you entered.

Call now or click here to purchase your 5 session sampler: 206-325-0662 to check for availability.

30 Day Purchase Guarantee

Try all LAB5 Fitness classes for 30 days at no risk. LAB5 Fitness and staff are committed to your health, fitness and well being. If, for any reason, our classes do not meet your expectations after attending 3 or more classes a week for 30 days and trying all workouts, simply ask for a full refund of the purchase price—no explanation needed.

“Our mission at LAB5 Fitness is to champion others to grow physically by using our compassion, unique perspective, our personal experiences and passion as well as our belief in others’ desire for a healthy lifestyle and their enormous potential.”
Alan and Bonnie Cashman, Principals